Her faces…

February 2, 2012

Layla is full of personality and spunk these days.  The other day we were eating lunch and I decided to pull out my camera to capture her many faces.  I only had my camera out for about two minutes and captured all of these.

"Mad, Momma. Mad!" (One of her favorite phrases these days.)

All the while, Cooper was just chillin' with his Capri Sun. Looking at Layla like she's totally crazy! :)


Fun in the snow

January 29, 2012

I’m breaking my silence and hoping to stop neglecting my blog!  We’ll see…

Just wanted to share some pictures of the kids in the snow a from a couple weeks ago.  It was Layla’s first time to ever play in the snow and she loved it :)

Cuties in their costumes

November 8, 2011

Okay, so if I don’t post these today I’m afraid I’m never going to! You must see how cute my kids were in their costumes this year :)  We were at my parents house for trick or treating.  They kiddos had so much fun.  Cooper was very serious about his role as the big brother and wanted to show Layla how its done.  So happy to see them enjoying the trick or treating together this year.  Last year at this time, we were counting down the days until we could go meet Layla and missing her oh so much! So glad our little cupcake was with us for all the fun this time!


Couldn’t resist…

October 16, 2011

Our Sunday morning routine typically involves Josh and Cooper leaving pretty early for church and Layla and I come when it is time for services. My husband is so sweet to take one kid to church with him.  This gives them time together while they set things up and get ready and it leaves me with less work because I have only child to get out the door! Layla and I were on our way out this morning and I had a couple extra minutes.  I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of her before we left.  She loves getting dressed in the morning and always wants to do directly to a mirror to look at herself.  She was thrilled to have her picture taken and kept showing me her shiny shoes and the bow in her fair.  What a girl!  Love her!   

Cooper Day 2011!

October 14, 2011

Three years ago, I left an orphanage in Vietnam with full arms and a full heart.  I am so blessed to be Cooper’s mother and so, so thankful to have him in my life.  I admit that I began our first adoption process because I wanted to help a child who needed a family.  I know now that I needed him more than he needed me.  I cannot imagine what my life would be like without him.  He’s an amazing little guy and he’s so full of life.

He’s getting so big!  Look how much he’s changed in three years!

We celebrated today by looking at pictures and videos of our time in Vietnam, going out to lunch and to fro yo.  He was so excited about his special day and took a baby picture into preschool this morning to show everyone and tell them it was Cooper Day :)

It was only fitting that Josh and I finished the day volunteering with Show Hope at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  Show Hope is an awesome organization that helped us financially with both of our adoptions.  I was thrilled to have an opportunity to serve them.  And…going to the concert for free was a nice perk.  It was awesome!  My first time to see Andrew Peterson and Josh Wilson who were both touring with SCC.  Three awesome musicians who all reflected a heart of Christ through their music.  I’m loving this song my Josh Wilson right now.

Special shout out to my Grandma, Aunt Jo and cousin Megan for watching the kiddos while we were at the concert!  Happy Cooper Day, everyone :)

L’s mad faces

September 28, 2011

Okay, so I had a lot of requests both verbally and through blog comments to see some of the outtakes from the Mizzou photos.  Layla was mad that I was trying to take her picture.  She was not in the mood.  I have a lot of pictures of the back of her head as she ran from me but I did capture a few of her angry faces.  

  Yeah… she was not happy.  I took my camera out while we were playing outside today, though, and she was all smiles.

  Much better :)





Little Mizzou fans

September 19, 2011

Sorry that I’ve been blog silent.  Its been a busy few weeks at our house. Cooper had a birthday and started preschool.  Church activities are back in full swing.  Josh and I had a nasty stomach bug and the kids have had colds.  Various family members have been in and out of town.  But..I think everyone is mostly healthy now and I’m finally coming up for air!

My parents got the kids some Tigers gear last weekend while they were here.  Cooper loves dressing up like a football player and having L dress up like a cheerleader!  Layla wasn’t too thrilled about having her picture taken on this particular day but I got a few cute shots.  I also have a lot of pictures where L is screaming “No” at me and running away.  I think we’ll just look at the cute pictures today :)




Cooper is almost 4.  Layla is now a big 18 month old.  So…we had to go get some updated pictures last week. I can’t believe how big they are getting.  They are so, so precious!  Love them to pieces.  Oh, and how cute is Layla in her Ethiopian dress..?!

And I think his super power might be his super, crazy cuteness.

In other news, Layla is getting more comfortable here.  We can tell because she is getting loud and sassy.  Neither of which were traits she had six months ago.  I thought she was quiet and compliant.  I was wrong :)  She orders us around and throws a huge fit when something does not go her way.  Her real personality seems to be emerging and it seems I might have two strong willed little ones on my hands.  Time will tell, I guess.  Here is a picture of the new found sassy personality in action.

Also, my sweet kiddos are getting along better every day. Layla is 18 months old now and is starting to be able to really play with Cooper.  He loves that.  I snapped some pictures of them swinging together in Cooper’s room yesterday.  So sweet together!



Summer love

July 9, 2011

Some things we’ve been loving this summer..

Playing in the fountains at one of our local parks.  Layla LOVES the water.  I’ve never seen a baby that loves the water quite as much as she does.

Spending some time at Mimi and Pop’s house while Daddy was on a mission trip.

 Seeing some old friends while we there and introducing our kids to each other.

Mastering the “tongue roll” :)

 Celebrating the 4th with our newest little American citizen.  What a ham!

Oh, and we are also loving our new minivan.  The only thing that makes me feel older than actually driving a minivan is the fact that I.love.it.  The extra space and the convenient automatics doors have changed my life :)  Never thought I would be a minivan mom…but I gave in after just two kids.

Happy Summer everyone!