Her faces…

February 2, 2012

Layla is full of personality and spunk these days.  The other day we were eating lunch and I decided to pull out my camera to capture her many faces.  I only had my camera out for about two minutes and captured all of these.

"Mad, Momma. Mad!" (One of her favorite phrases these days.)

All the while, Cooper was just chillin' with his Capri Sun. Looking at Layla like she's totally crazy! :)


5 Responses to “Her faces…”

  1. Mimi said

    The many moods of a 2 year old girl. Just precious! Bubba just rolls with it. :)

  2. Heather said


  3. Cousin Katie said


  4. Heather said

    Too cute! LOVE the “mad” face :)

  5. Heather said

    New pictures, please!

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